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Fibreglass Flat Roofing


Fibreglass is in our opinion the best type of flat roofing material. It is extremely light weight, non-absorbent and fire resistant.

Fibreglass flat roofs are highly durable, weather resistant & aesthetically pleasing. Their tough durability provides full realiability throughout extreme weather conditions, which as we know in the UK is far too common an occurance. 

Fibreglass Benefits


Last Lasting

Design freedom

Good appearance

Cost effective


Rubber Flat Roofing

If your house has a low-slope or flat roof, then you should consider rubber (also known as EPDM) roofing.

This roofing material brings down the labor costs to minimum as compared to other roofing options and also exhibits an extraordinary durability that provides magnificent resistance to tears and abrasion.

EPDM rubber roofing enables easy repair options and low annual maintenance costs, and it comes packed with superior flexibility and immense strength. 

Rubber Benefits

Environmentally friendly

Good looking


Fire resistant


Felt Flat Roofing

Felt is one of the most common materials used for covering flat roofs. Out of the three flat roof materials we use, it is the most cost effective solution.

If installed properly, it can prove to be a safe and reliable roofing material for a residential or a commercial property.

It can be made to prevent the ingress of moisture by coating a layer of tar that acts as a water resistant. 

Felt Benefits

Cost effective

Good design and appearance


Safe and reliable