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Masonry Paint

Our masonry paint ensures that surfaces are dirt resistant, breathable and waterproof – meaning that homes have have flawless coverage and protection for longer.

And masonry paint can be used in more places than you may think. Ensure your newly painted walls are complemented with accent colours.


Features such as window ledges, door surrounds and even humble gate posts contribute to the overall look of your home.


When decorating the exterior of your home, preparation is key to creating a flawless and a long lasting finish.


Manchesters Roofing offers an unrivalled choice of undercoats and primers for masonry, wood, metal and UPVC to get you started.

Equipment we use


We use Professional spray guns that produce an outstanding finished product, which is evenly covered, with no mess, no runs and weather proof in less than 10 minutes. Guaranteeing great results every time.

Colour choices

Painting Outside never needs to be a long drawn out chore again with our Professional spray guns we aim to produce a top quality finish with speed, ease, and efficacy leaving the surrounding area spotless as if we were never there.





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