Manchesters Roofing and Guttering - Dry Verge and Dry ridge Installations

Dry Verge

A verge refers to the junction between the roof and the gable end of the building. A gable refers to the wall that infills between two opposite roof slopes and usually finishes in a triangular shape.

The traditional way of finishing the roof at a gable wall is to use mortar. Traditionally this detail includes a layer of plain tiles, slates or fibre cement board to assist in the weatherproofing.

Dry Ridge

Dry Ridge systems come in a variety of designs but offer a similar level of performance. They are designed to secure the ridge tiles which are located at the apex of a roof.

When using dry ridge systems the mortar joints between ridge tiles are replaced by plastic inserts, known as unions, that create the visual appearance of a mortar joint but have a hidden weather proofing system that carries away the water.


Benefits of Dry Fix


Ventilated thoroughly

Its universal

Its quick

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye

Low maintenence

Withstands our unpredictable weather

Dry Hip System

A hip is the external junction between two sloping roof faces. As with ridges the traditional method of weather proofing this type of junction is usually to use ridge tiles which are then secured on a bed on mortar.

Dry Hip systems eliminate the need for mortar and provide a more secure and maintenance free hip detail. 

Benefit - Ventilation

Ventilation is also a key benefit of using dry fix, particularly in relation to dry hip and ridge systems that provide more than enough high level ventilation to meet current building regs and NHBC guidelines.

Why should I not use mortar?

First, mortar has a limited lifespan and requires regular maintenance because it will deteriorate in time through natural weathering.

Secondly mortar is susceptible to cracking because of the natural movement within the building structure, particularly where the roof passes over solid masonry walls. 




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